CORA Cyber Security with Minister Bains and Minister Duguid at autoMOBILI-D NAIAS-2017

GAMIC (Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge) 2017 Finalist

Requires Microsoft Windows Vista or later

CORAfy your important documents.


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CORA Explorer Business Packages are available in two formats:

  1. CORA Explorer Team. Ideal for offices and teams. $499
    • 12 Licenses included in package.
    • Additional licenses available at $30/user.
  2. CORA Explore Institution offers unlimited licenses and a server protocol for hosting on your own server.
    • Licenses for all members/employees.
    • Licenses for all PC desktops.
    • Built in connectivity to independent data centres.

CORAfy sensitive information; work and play with peace of mind.

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Unbreakable Data Security

  • Online data sync, backup and sharing.
  • Maintain control with your 'Data centre'.
  • Maintain unbreakable security with multiple, remote networks, servers, clouds and data providers.
  • Users may control what they share, by deleting a single CORA package from any device, server or data provider.
  • CORAfy user records.
  • CORAfy online data that is shared between users and devices.

  • Self-healing authentication for clients and engineers.
  • CORA connect for securing communication using Chaos Maps (keys) that can be as large as needed (far beyond 256 bits).
  • Demand 'Trust Independent' security that is unbreakable!